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The main reasons our customers are so happy with their cakes and pastires are:

Best Tasting Cakes in the City (Toronto Life)
Exceptional Beauty and Design (the Chef's Olympic Gold medal attests to this)
Peace of Mind (Chef Don's reputation is a proven one; we guarantee safe delivery)
Exceptional Value (fully refundable up till your wedding day if you find a better value)
Largest Selection in the GTA (Don has made over 2,500 unique wedding cakes)

For general information such as pricing, flavours, appointment times and recommended size please check out our FAQ page. For specific questions or to arrange for an appointment kindly complete our Cake Form so that we may better assist you. You are also welcome to call us anytime at 416.537.9696.

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passion fruit parfait
blueberry parfait mousse
strawberry parfait
chocolate mousse
key lime mousse
frangelico hazelnut mousse
white chocolate truffle mousse
bailey's cheesecake
raspberry cheesecake
creme brulee
flourless chocolate chestnut
berry box
chocolate symphony
white chocolate symphony
four flavours of ice cream
fruit tart
chocolate raspberry
mango raspberry tart
lemon raspberry tart
chocolate maple pecan
lemon brulee
lemon meringue
pear tart
plum tart
apple galette
apple strudel
apple flan
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