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Dessert Trends Patisserie | Harbord Street, Toronto M5S 1H2 

Dessert Trends Patisserie (now known as DT Bistro Patisserie) opened in 1999 and it quickly became Toronto's leader and trend setter in desserts. DT pastries and products can be found at the city's finest hotels, restaurants and clubs. We also cater impressive sweet tables and pastry trays for special events and private parties. Most cakes and pastries are made at our Bakery at 325 Weston Road (Google map).No retail service occurs at the Bakery, though cakes and some pastry orders can be picked up at either location.

Jacob Richler, from the National Post has said that before Dessert Trends there were only two authentic Patisseries in all of Toronto. He says that Dessert Trends has drastically changed the pastry shopping equation of the entire city. He credits Chef Don with making the best tiramisu, biscotti and cheesecake in the GTA.

The main reasons our customers are so happy with our cakes are:

- Best Tasting Cakes in the City ... and best place to buy wedding Cakes" (Toronto Life)
- Exceptional Beauty and Design (the Chef's World Culinary Olympic Gold medal attests to this)
- Peace of Mind (Chef Don's reputation is a proven one; DT guarantees safe delivery)
- Exceptional Value (fully refundable deposit and payments up until a week before your special event; they know you cannot find a better value elsewhere)
- Largest Selection in the GTA (Don has made over 3,000 unique wedding cakes and thousands more special unique occasion cakes)
- "Reasonably Priced" (according to Toronto Life and thousands of repeat customers)

For general information on cakes such as pricing, flavours, appointment times and recommended size please check out our FAQ page. For specific questions or to arrange for an appointment kindly complete our Cake Form so that DT can better assist you. You are also welcome to call 416.537.9696 or email at

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