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325 Weston Rd, Toronto ON. M6N 4Z9 . Tel: 416.537.9696 | email:

DT Catering Service

Dessert Trends Patiserie Bistro | 154 Harbord Street, Toronto. Tel: (416) .916.8155


D.T. offers catering services for small or big events in the G.T.A area. Our dishes are original, innovate and amazingly fresh, nutritious and wholesome. We use only the finest ingredients in all of our dishes. D.T. Bistro provides customized menus using fresh ingredients fully taking into account your event, menu preferences and diet concerns. To order catering service from D.T., please contact Chef Don at: 416.916.8155 to customize your menu. To see samples of our catering services, please click here.



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