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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find your answer here, you are also welcome to call us at 416.537.9696.

1. Do I need an appointment?
Appointments are strongly recommended so that Don can personally meet with you and provide you with some complimentary samples. Please call or e-mail anytime to book an appointment to see our 300+ photos as well as the cake prototypes. You will have the opportunity to see first hand the pastries, cakes and edible artwork that have made Dessert Trends famous.

The best times for appointments for each of the two locations is:

DT Bakery (325 Weston Rd.; Unit 4B) ( map )
Monday - Saturday: 11:00 - 12:00; 1:00 - 3:00

DT Patisserie Bistro ( 154 Harbord St.) ( MAP )
Tuesday - Sunday: 2:00 - 4:00
Evening times are possible at DT Bistro if the above are not not convenient for you.


2. How much do you charge for wedding cake delivery?
Approximate delivery charges are as follows:
$40 if less than 20 km (most of the city of Toronto)
$50 if less than 40 km (e.g. Scarborough, Vaughn, Mississauga, Woodbridge)
$60 if less than 60 km (e.g. Oakville)
Delivery to Barrie, Niagara Falls and beyond is possible on certain weekends.


3. How much of a deposit do you require?
A deposit of $100 (cash or cheque) is required to guarantee that we are able to do your wedding cake. The balance is required one month before your wedding day. Cheques should be made payable to 'Dessert Trends'.

Post-dated cheques for the balance are strongly recommended so that you do not have to worry about re-visiting the store in the days just prior to your wedding. Deposits and payments are completely refundable, for any reason, up until the week before your wedding. We know that you will not be able to find better value anywhere else.

4. How much experience does Don have in making wedding cakes?
Don has over 15 years experience making impressive wedding cakes. He has created well over 1,500 unique custom designed wedding cakes during this time. He has studied and worked in France and Italy and has practically perfected the art and skill of making spectacular wedding cakes. Don has been teaching specialty culinary courses at George Brown since 1996. He opened Dessert Trends in 1999 and has since been supplying most of the top hotels, clubs and specialty stores with exceptional cakes, pastries, truffles, biscotti, culinary gifts and bombonieres. Don was awarded the top Gold Prize at the 2004 World Culinary Olympics. This is the most coveted award to receive from the International Culinary competitions and clearly acknowledges the skills and talents of Chef Don.


5. What flavours do you offer?
Since we make hundreds of different cakes every month we are able to offer you practically any flavour you can think of. There are some flavours that we will recommend depending on the specifics of your wedding (month of year, preferences etc.). There are some restrictions on cakes that are to be on display for over six hours. We will inform you of any restrictions that may apply to your wedding cake.

The most popular flavours are: Lemon Strawberry, Mango Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Dark & White Chocolate, Mocha chino, and Double Chocolate. Multiple flavours can be used for a nominal additional fee. You will be able to sample most of these flavours when you visit the store. You will then discover why Don's cakes are considered the best tasting in the city. The finish to your cake can be done using buttercream, fondant or white chocolate.


6. Can I get the flowers for my cake from you?
Yes! We can arrange to get practically any real flower that you would like and at a reasonable price. We also make a variety of colours and types of flowers from sugar, buttercream, marzipan and fondant. There is a selection of hand made orchids, roses, calla lilies and several others in the store. Last year, about half of the cakes had no flowers, a quarter had real flowers and the rest had edible flowers. Don's hand crafted flowers are amazing. Since more time is required, sugar flowers are more expensive than real flowers.

7. How much lead time do you require?
Three months is recommended for weddings occurring during the summer and fall months. Two months is usually sufficient for all other times. One month is always required so that we can be professionally able to accommodate your needs.


8. If I bring in a picture are you able to match it?
Definitely. This will make it easier for us as well and quickly create a good starting point. Be aware that some cakes featured in designer wedding cake magazines are significantly more labour intensive and as a result are more expensive. Don is capable of doing practically any cake that you can imagine or that can find a picture of.

Don can add gold, silver or any other colour that you like. He is also able to design the structure of the cake so that heavy figures or flower arrangements can be properly supported. Since Don is a renowned Pastry Chef he has both artistic and culinary talents. He is imaginative, creative, resourceful, and passionate in all the work that he does. He will work with you to incorporate your interests and preferences into making an impressive and memorable cake for you.

The cake photos featured on this site are just a fraction of the incredible cakes that Don has done in recent years. These photos can serve as a great starting point for you. You are welcome to change the colour, size, flowers or design with any one of the cakes featured. There are many more photos in the store and the galleries will be updated monthly.


9. What is the selling price of most of your cakes?
The main determining factor in the price is the amount of skilled labour that goes into creating the cake. Our cakes sell significantly less than what comparable high quality cakes are selling elsewhere for.

A cake of similar size can probably be found in another place for about $50 less, but the taste and the natural beauty would certainly be compromised. As James Chatto from Toronto Life magazine says "Don's cakes are very reasonably priced". Toronto Life also says “the Best Place to Buy Wedding Cakes in Toronto”. Don's prices are fair and consistent. He does not inflate his prices and then offer discounts or coupons.

Cakes of comparable quality in larger metropolitan cities in the USA sell for about double of what Don’s cakes sell for. One of the reasons for the lower prices on the high quality of cakes that we make is because we know, from experience, that you and several of your guests will discover us and visit us for future specialty cake orders. The exposure, reputation and growth in our business resulting from our wedding cakes are phenomenal.

As indicated above, deposits and payments are completely refundable since we know that there isn't a better deal elsewhere for a cake of comparable beauty and taste.

The average price for most of our simple and elegant cakes is as follows:
60 servings (2 tiers): $350
100 servings (3 tiers): $500
140 servings (4 tiers): $650
Note: whole cakes in Ontario are always tax free (i.e. there is no GST or PST on wedding cakes)


10. Do you provide samples?
Yes. The complimentary samples will be the highlight of your visit. You will have the opportunity to enjoy four of Don's recommended flavours. You will certainly be impressed with the taste of Toronto's finest cakes. As with the incredible beauty, unique design and reasonable price, the taste is another distinctive factor that puts Don's cakes in a category of their own. Samples are always available for those who make an appointment.


11. What size do you recommend?
If you are having less than 60 guests you may want to consider a larger cake and keep one of the tiers for yourself or for your family and friends. A larger cake is only nominally more expensive and the cake will have a more impressive presence.

Please let Don know if you are using the cake for the main dessert. In this case you will need the cake to have the same servings as the number of guests, plus an additional ten servings just to be safe (some will want a second slice!). If the cake is to be used for the late night dessert table you will need servings for about 75% of your guests. Since our cakes taste incredible and will get plenty of positive attention, the servings will most likely be eaten. Many reception venues have told us that it is usually only our cakes that have little if any left overs. In the rare event that there are leftovers, the remainder will be enjoyed by whoever is lucky to get to take it home and will certainly not go to waste. If you are planning on an extensive sweet table then you will need fewer cake servings.

For large weddings you may want to consider having a large cake with an additional slab or half slab cake. A slab cake has 80 servings and you can choose to use the same flavour or a second flavour. If more than one flavour is chosen then you should plan for more servings in your cake since some guests will try both flavours. Slab cakes can be up to half the per-serving-cost of the wedding cake.

Example: If you are expecting 400 guests then a wedding cake serving 140 and two slabs (each serving 80) will give you the desired 300 servings. Another option would be to have a cake serving 180 and 1 slab cake and one half-slab cake.

Another recommendation for really large weddings is to have a four or five tiered cake that is separated by flowers. It will appear larger than it actually is.


12. What do your cakes taste like?
The top chefs, food critics and discerning pastry connoisseurs in the GTA all agree that the taste of our wedding cakes is second to none. The most credible compliments that we have received have come from several experienced photographers, florists and banquet hall managers. Several of these professionals have said that in their many years of working 'they have never enjoyed the taste so much and have never seen so much appreciation and compliments from the guests'. You can be assured that your cake will be made from scratch using only the finest ingredients. The technique in making such high quality cakes is a skill that few pastry chefs possess. Don and his staff are all extremely well trained and skilled Pastry Chefs.

13. What if there are changes ... or if something happens?
Changes can and will likely happen. We are here to accommodate any last minute changes, such as size, style, and flavours. We will gladly fax or e-mail the revised order form if you inform us of any changes over the phone or e-mail.

Don has personally done over 1,500 wedding cakes in the past 15 years and has never encountered an accident. We do have back up plans, just in case something happens. We guarantee that in the remote chance something does happen, that another cake will be delivered to your reception. Don is always reachable, by calling his cell phone, on the day of your wedding. Our contact numbers are on our business cards and your wedding cake order form.


14. Can you decorate my cake?
Yes. Since there are some cakes that we do not do (traditional rum-fruit cake, sugar free, glutton free, Kosher ...) we are able to decorate such cakes to your liking. Occasionally just one of the tiers (usually the top) is made elsewhere because of dietary concerns. We will decorate it so that it fits in with the rest of the cake.


15. Do you make fake cakes?
No, but with some exceptions. We have been making cakes for several movies (eg. 'In Laws' starring Michael Douglas, and 'Eloise at the Plaza' starring Julie Andrews). Such cakes need to be fake for production reasons. There are several decorated fake cakes in our store that were made so that we can better illustrate our new styles of cakes. There are other exceptions, although rare, that cause us to decorate a fake cake.


16. Do you make sugar free cakes?
Currently we are not making sugar free cakes or other dietary cakes, since this is beyond our expertise. As mentioned above we will gladly decorate one or more such cakes and have them blend in with the other tiers of your wedding cake.


17. Do you freeze your cakes?
No. We only use the freshest ingredients and will not freeze the cake. You are able to freeze one of the tiers and serve it a year later. The only caution is that you eat the cake within a couple of days, after thawing it, if there is fruit inside.


18. Do you make Grooms Cakes?
Yes. Although this is still quite new for Canadian weddings it is becoming more popular. About one in twenty weddings that we did last year had a Grooms cake. Grooms cakes are usually simple half slab cakes that will have about 40 servings. They are decorated with the interests of the Groom illustrated on top (sports, cars …) and will sometimes have edible scanned photos of the Groom that are comical or formal. The Grooms cake is often a surprise to the Groom and is not displayed until the late night sweet table. If we are putting photos on the cake please provide us with photos or jpeg images a month before your wedding.


19. Why should I be ordering my cake from Dessert Trends?
The main reasons are:

  • Exceptional taste … easily the best in the city
  • Impressive new creative beauty designs
  • Will become a conversation piece on your special day
  • Exceptional value and reasonably priced
  • Toronto Life Magazine, and several others say "Best place to buy wedding cakes in Toronto"
  • Peace of mind - Don's reputation is a proven one
  • Wedding Cakes are made fresh, using only the finest ingredients

20. Can I order directly from your the Bakery and the Patisserie-Bistro?
All of our cakes and pastries are made at Dessert Trends Bakery. Customers are welcome to order over the telephone and then pick up their order at either the Bakery or Dessert Trends Patisserie-Bistro. Although no retail occurs at the Bakery, orders can be picked up there. There is always a limited selection of pastries and cakes at Dessert Trends Patisserie & Bistro. We only need one day's notice for practically all of our products. We do need two or more days to make special occasion cakes. More time is required for wedding cakes, as indicated above (FAQ 7).


21. Do you accept Visa or other credit cards?
We currently accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) at our Patisserie-Bistro. We are planning in the near future on accepting credit card transactions over the phone for orders and possible delivery.

22. When will your second DT Bistro-Patisserie be opening?
We anticipate that our second retail Patisserie-Bistro will open in late 2009. The store will have the same high standards as our Patisserie-Bistro on Harbord St. No location has been selected yet. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

23. Can I shop on-line?
Not yet. Over the next few months we will try to feature all of our special products on the internet as well as respective prices. We will then also have an improved method of delivering many of our products to places in the GTA.


24. Are you hiring?
Yes! We are always looking for enthusiastic and positive people who are interested and passionate about learning how to make fine pastries and cakes. Please email your resume to or drop it off at either of our two locations letting us know which position that you are most interested in (bakery, Bistro, server ...). We are currently in need of a server at our Patisserie-Bistro. Fluency in French and knowledge of pastries are definite assets.


25. What are your e-mail and web addresses?
Our primary e-mail address is The former addresses and new web address will remain indefinitely and are simply forwarded to All e-mails going to either of these are directed to one e-mail account, namely Currently Wayne has been replying to most of the e-mails and informing Don of all requests.

Thanks for your time and interest in getting to know more about Dessert Trends.


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